1.        Penzar I., Juras J. and Marki A. (1992): Long-term meteorological measurements at Zagreb: 1862 to 1990. Geofizika, 9 (Supplement), 1-171.




Results of long-term meteorological observations and measurements, carried out at the Zagreb-Grič Observatory for the period of 129 years, have been presented. Climatic data represent a homogeneous sequence, as the location of the Observatory has remained unchanged, whereas instruments inside the Observatory have been only slightly and insignificantly changed. In a view of the fact that there are also autographs working at the Observatory and that hourly values of meteorological parameters are available, the analyzed data refer to the standard climatological observation times (7, 14 and 21 h).
The Zagreb-Grič Observatory was in charge of the Andrija Mohorovičić Geophysical Institute from the start of its work until 1986, and has since been put under the management of the State Hydrometeorological Institute. With their permission sequence of measurements was completed until 1990.