Uglešić, J. S., S. Markušić, B. Padovan and D. Stanko (2021): Semi-empirical estimation of the Zagreb ML 5.5 earthquake (2020) ground motion amplification by 1D equivalent linear site response analysis.

The 22 March 2020 Zagreb ML 5.5 earthquake ground shaking resulted in damage to buildings and infrastructure. The most affected buildings were older and cultural heritage buildings (built before 1963) in the old city centre with significant damage extent in the epicentral zone (southeastern foothills of Medvednica Mt.). This study presents site response analysis on the realistic site profiles from the epicentre towards the accelerometric stations QUHS and QARH and comparison with strong motion data recorded during the Zagreb 2020 earthquake. Semi-empirical estimation of the ground motion amplification (i.e., peak ground acceleration at surface) showed that modelled and recorded values are comparable. Moreover, we present 2D model of peak ground acceleration at surface (PGAsurf) variation for the superimposed site profile from the epicentre towards two accelerometric stations. Ground motion amplification for the Zagreb ML 5.5 earthquake scenario showed that PGAsurf is larger by a factor of 2 than the bedrock value (approx. 0.35 g in the epicentre and 0.20 g on the 12 km distant accelerometric station). This study is a contribution to better understanding of the Zagreb ML 5.5 earthquake effects and significance of local site effects in the damage extent, something that combined with older and heritage buildings resulted in high economic consequences. Therefore, it is important that site-specific ground motion simulation and seismic microzonation of the Zagreb continues with installation of an accelerometric array. This is very important for earthquake retrofitting and resilience of the low, mid- and high-rise buildings with particular care of cultural and historical buildings as well for the further urban planning.

Keywords: Zagreb 2020 earthquake, site response analysis, seismic microzonation, ground motion amplification

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