Međugorac, I., M. Pasarić and M. Orlić (2022): Long-term measurements at Bakar tide-gauge station (east Adriatic).

We present hourly sea levels at Bakar tide-gauge station, located on the east coast of the Adriatic Sea. The station was established in 1929. The recorded data represent the longest time series of an oceanographic parameter measured in Croatia. They have been used in various scientific studies and practical applications. Sea levels were collected using float-type chart-recording tide gauge to which two digital instruments have been added recently. We describe station's location, its operational history, maintenance, principle of measurements, recorder zero checks and practice, and leveling history. Details on data sampling, quality checks and processing are included. Also, a brief summary of the most important results derived from these data is given and some practical applications are mentioned. The data are available through SEANOE (Međugorac et al., 2021;

Keywords: tide gauge, Bakar, hourly sea level, benchmarks

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