Staver, D., H. MihanoviŠ and Z. B. KlaiŠ (2022): Lake-land breezes over a small elongated lake (Kozjak, Plitvice Lakes, Croatia).

The temperature of a small elongated lake (2.3 km by 0.1-0.6 km; maximum depth of 46 m) located in a mountaneous area was measured during July-September period over three years (2018-2020) at the depth close to the lake surface (0.2 m). Concurrent standard meteorological variables were measured in the vicinity of the lake. Criteria based on atmospheric and lake conditions were defined to detect the days with persistent lake-land breeze (LLB) events. The results showed that 17.7% of the investigated days were associated with LLB events. These days were accompanied by elevated energy in the normalized wavelet spectra for the wind speed at period of 24 hours. Daytime onshore lake breezes were mainly channeled in the along-lake direction due to the surrounding topography. Accordingly, during the daytime, diurnal wind veering was distorted. However, during the nighttime, a clear clockwise wind rotation was present. In addition, the results exhibited a clear relationship between the lake-land temperature difference and the strength of the LLBs.

Keywords: coherence, diurnal periodicity, thermal circulation, wavelet analysis, wind rose

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